1. red-lipstick:

    Philippe Parreno (Algerian/French, b. 1964 in Orán, Algeria) - Installation View, Serpentine Gallery, Invisibleboy Film, 2010


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  2. No sabía que Borges además dibujaba (al parecer con cierta gracia). Este es un autorretrato que se hizo después de perder la vista.

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  3. Name one thing that isn’t on fire.

  4. my kind of party :)

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  5. gvtsy:

    saw these in the art building at my school

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  6. lyghtmylife:

    Egon Schiele

    (Austrian, Expressionism, 1890-1918)

    Self-Portrait with Chinese Lantern Plant, 1912

    Leopold Museum, Vienna, Austria

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  7. Yashas Shetty Notes from Utopia

    "When that first person heard that second person’s voice by virtue of a crystal set or whatever it was on, they had not only the most unique experience in music - of music in the sense of the voice as sound, obviously, but they had the one true approach to radio. They were able to get at something quite special… that original human contact, that incredible spine tingling awareness of some other human voice or persona"

    -Glenn Gould.

    The Jhonda are a sub-sect of the Khonda tribe. They are residents of the south eastern parts of Orissa and northern Andhra pradesh. Their introduction to the radio was far less dramatic than mainstream cultural representations of encounters between the “primitive” and technology. The jhonda have adapted the radio as a folk instrument using it prominently in their repertoire. This rare recorded piece is a marriage song sung in the kui language with the radio static providing a strange, distant rhythmic counterpoint.

    Source is an curatorial effort made in India by Meena Varihttp://louderwhisper.crisap.org/


  8. "Between what is said and not meant, and what is meant and not said, most of love is lost."
    — Khalil Gibran (via psych-facts)

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  9. "NGOs give the impression that they are filling the vacuum created by a retreating state. And they are, but in a materially inconsequential way. Their real contribution is that they defuse political anger and dole out as aid or benevolence what people ought to have as right. They alter the public psyche. They turn people into dependent victims and blunt the edges of political resistance."
    — Arundhati Roy (via oaluz)

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  10. I made this. as a part of a small piece I am doing.

  12. paulheetebrij:

    Moondog - Moondog (1969) [Full Album]

    Louis Hardin (1916 - 1999), a blind autodidactic composer and poet. Compositions played by small orchestra.

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  13. tamipedia:

    Goblin’s Gate on the Elwha River in Washington State. One of my favorite places to hike.

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  14. J. M. W. Turner

    1.  A Waterfall Among Rocks


  15. i am at the point where enjoy watching people talk.